Notice to Crew & Guides


Try to meet our clients at the plane and make them feel at home, as the first half hour in camp is the impression they will have of the outfit and its crew. Always be courteous, polite and helpful to all clients, and always keep in mind that it is these clients who make it possible for us to exist in this business.

Get your hunters out early in the morning and hunt late in the evening as these are the best times. If the days are long most hunters will appreciate a SHORT NAP after lunch as very little is moving anyway, don’t stay in exactly same area for to long (one or two hours) While hunting NEVER get way out in front as this will do nothing but aggravate the client and lessen the chances of success. Set a slow pace that the client can handle over the duration of the hunt, more game is walked by and missed than those that have been run down. Involve the client in as many aspects of the trip as possible, let him or her know what your plans are for the day and the remainder of the hunt. Most hunters are not out just to kill; they are here for the experience, enjoyment, companionship and to be involved in the hunt from beginning to end. When looking at a potential trophy it is a good idea to give the hunter a percentage as to what you feel his or her chances are of getting a larger trophy. After selecting a trophy you wish to harvest, it is very important that you involve the client in the stocking procedure. Some clients may wish to do it their way, at this point try to remember who is paying for the hunt and help as much as possible. When you see an animal you think is a respectable trophy be sure to ask your hunter if he or she is going to be satisfied with it before you let him or her shoot. The size of a trophy is not everything; a trophy is just what it means to the hunter who harvested it. Once an animal has been harvested under no circumstances let your hunter shoot another of the same species, no matter how much bigger or better it might be. Absolutely no shooting of animals by guides or crew for any reason. Guides will not carry guns on the hunt unless there are special circumstances. e.g. back-up gun for bear hunting or for a bow hunter. The guide is not allowed to assist his hunter in harvesting his or her animal. If an animal has been badly wounded and hunter requests assistance as he or she is unable to continue then and only then is a guide allowed to finish off an animal. What ever you do, stay inside the law and report any infractions to me as soon as possible.

Capping, cleaning the skull and proper tagging of each separate item is as important as the harvesting of a trophy, so put a special effort into this part of your job. “Tag antlers, cape and meat immediately upon returning to camp”.

The head guide in each camp is responsible for where each hunter and guide will be hunting each day so there will be no chance of two hunters hunting the same draw or mountain. The head guide in each camp has the authority to fire any crew member working under him, and I won’t overturn his decision. If you are having personal problems with a head guide it may be advisable to request a camp transfer before things get out of hand.

NO COMPLAINING to hunters about the outfit, horses or crew, if you have complaints bring them to me as soon as possible.

Try your best to hold your temper when working around horses, if you don’t feel you can, do something else for awhile. Abusing horses will not be tolerated. Without horses we can not operate, so treat them accordingly.

Do not litter and if you see some, stop and pick it up. Keep the camps clean and tidy and pack all garbage at Spike camp back to your main camp. Upon returning from Spike camping, put everything away immediately and be sure to clean out pack boxes. Keep your bunk house tidy. Let’s keep our area clean.

I would like everyone to help one another in any way they can. I would like the guides to help the horse-wrangler and cook if help is needed, fix riggen, split wood, do dishes etc. Half of the guides in camp should be going out with the wrangler in the morning to get horses. Just because you have a guides license does not mean that your services are required exclusively for guiding. Do not be afraid to help each other, team work makes for better relations all around.
In other words, be professionals and let us be know as a team outfit that specializes in client satisfaction that is unsurpassed by anyone.

Thank you for booking your hunt with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our territory.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Barry Tompkins

Hunting British Columbia with Big Nine Outfitters

~ Recognized as one of the best areas in the world for trophy hunting ~

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