Wranglers Guide


  • Your number one responsibility is the horses; know where they are at all times. Check on them regularly throughout the day and know where they are before going to bed at night.
  • It is your responsibility to bring in the horses in the morning and to help saddle. The quicker you learn the habits of the horses in your camp the easier it’ll be.
  • Check every horse every day for hobble sores and treat them if needed with suave. Horses are not to be tied or to be locked in the corral for more than 6 hours.
  • You are expected to help the guides and hunters when they come back into the camp, unsaddling, unloading game and hanging the game, and cleaning any used pack boxes or meat bags. No matter what time it is.
  • When you hear a plane coming, make sure the horses are off the air strip and you meet the plane every time it lands.
  • Be sure camp always has lots of split wood and kindling.
  • Make sure the kitchen has firewood and water, also be sure the hunter’s cabin and the cowboy shack have firewood and kindling. This is a daily chore.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to keep camp area and buildings clean and organized.
  • When given instructions it is a good idea to repeat them back to the guide or cook as there will be fewer misunderstandings.
  • At times there will be no supervision at camp and you will be expected to keep yourself busy.

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