Meat Hunts


This hunt is shorter, primarily for those wishing to harvest young meat bulls of either Elk or Moose. Hunters have the option of harvesting a trophy class animal for an additional fee.

Our success rate runs close to 100% on smaller animals and approximately 70% on trophy animals. Hunts may take place in the mountains or foothills, depending on client’s preference.


For those who wish to take some or all of their meat home, arrangements can be made with a local butcher to cut, wrap, store and ship their meat. Please see Meat Shipping. Any meat you choose to leave behind will be utilized for camp, crew and/or donations to charity. Nothing will be wasted. If the need arises, we reserve the right to use a small portion of your meat for camp.

Elk meat hunting bc

Meat Hunt (Type 4) Meat Hunts

The fee for this hunt is $7,950.00 (USD) per client and includes any one of the primary species: Elk or Moose. Black Bear and Wolves are included in all hunts and there is no additional charge for harvesting them.

This hunt is for non-trophy class animals only.
5pt elk or less and 40″ moose or less. Other species may be harvested and will be at the listed additional fees plus appropriate tax.
Advance partial payment to reserve date is $3,975.00 (USD)
The final payment of $3,975.00 (USD) plus taxes may be paid by cash, personal check or cashiers check and payable by July 1st the year of your hunt.

For meat hunts of Elk and Moose please contact us


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