Our Moose Hunts


Our success rate on good mature bull moose run around 50%

Goat are quite plentiful and success rate on them runs around 75% as an additional trophy.

bc moose hunts

Premiere Moose Hunt (Type 3a)

The fee for this hunt is $12,500.00 (USD) and includes Moose, Black Bearand Wolf. Additional primary species may be harvested on this hunt.

Advance partial payment to reserve date is $6,250.00 (USD)
The final balance owing of $6,250.00 (USD) plus taxes may be paid by personal check, cashiers check or cash and payable by July 1st the year of your hunt.


Fly in September 1 ….. back September 10

Fly in September 10 … back September 19

Fly in September 19 … back September 28

Fly in September 28 … back October 7

Fly in October 7 ………. back October 16

Fly in October 16 …….. back October 25

Moose hunting British Columbia

For Moose hunting please consult with us

Hunting British Columbia with Big Nine Outfitters

~ Recognized as one of the best areas in the world for trophy hunting ~

Call Barry Tompkins, President

Cell: (250)787-6747

Mid July to late October Call lodge: (250) 277-9614