En Route to Big 9


Our base camp is located 85 miles south west of Fort Nelson or 180 miles northwest of Fort St John, BC. Fort Nelson has very limited flights with only 2 flights daily from Sunday to Friday with no flights on Saturdays or on long weekends. In the past some of your clients have had flight scheduling problems working out of Fort Nelson due to the limited number of flights and have suggested I offer an alternative. Fort St John is a larger city and has better flight options seven days a week. Unfortunately due to the longer distance to our camp the client’s transportation costs would be considerably higher. I would recommend where possible all clients try to fly out of Fort Nelson. The round trip airfare into our camp from Fort Nelson is $900.00 plus $96.00 tax. If you elect to fly out of Fort St John, please contact Peter Villers at (250) 774-2072 for pricing. Both of these rates are tied directly to your hunts scheduled hunt change over dates. Please be aware that if you are not flying on scheduled hunt change over dates your flight charges may be substantially higher. If there is any chance you may not be spending your full hunt with us it is highly recommended that you travel through Fort Nelson. For those clients who will be flying into Fort Nelson, reservations can be made with Central Mountain Air at 888-865-8585, an affiliate of Air Canada. Connector flights are possible through Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta or Vancouver, BC.

If possible I would recommend you arrive in Fort Nelson or Fort St John the day prior to your hunt start date, if luggage is lost or a connector flight is missed you will not end up late for your hunt. Due to the possibility of bad weather and number of clients leaving on change over dates it is also recommended you do not book flights home from Fort Nelson or Fort St John until the day after your hunt end date. In the event that you are short on time and feel lucky, you can book your arrival flight into Fort Nelson or Fort St John in the morning of your hunt start date. Your flight home can be booked for late afternoon and early evening of your hunt end date. If you do opt for this high risk option we will do our very best to get you to and from our camps on time but we make no guarantees. For room reservations in Fort Nelson you may contact the Woodlands Inn at 250-774-6669 In Fort St John you may contact the Quality Inn at 250-787-0521 Both hotels supply complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport for all flights including your bush charter flight into camp.

Flights in and out of our camps are supplied by a local Charter Service, Villers Air. We supply Villers Air with a complete client list, which includes reservation dates for your flights with them. A few days prior to your hunt it is advisable that you contact Villers Air (250) 774-2072 to schedule your time of departure from Fort Nelson or Fort St John into our camp.

For your convenience we will have your hunting license and species tags awaiting you at camp, or unless otherwise directed. Due to Canadian law it is impossible to bring handguns into Canada. Due to a new Canadian law, you must register your firearms at Customs upon entry into Canada. A Non Resident Firearms Declaration form is included in this package, please fill it out and present it to Canada Customs upon entry into Canada. You will also be required to pay a $50.00 Canadian fee. Do not sign this document until requested to do so by the Customs Agent.

Due to our insurance agents requirements it is imperative that the liability waiver form be signed and returned in the self-addressed envelope.

If you plan on doing some fishing it is a good idea to bring along a light weight collapsible fishing rod, a few mep type lures and some flies for Artic Grayling.

For the hunter who wishes to have his trophies shipped home, we can arrange for export permits, crating and delivery to the truck yard. Preparation work is done by Rocky Mountain Taxidermy, contact Peter Villers at (250) 774-2072 . All trophies go by truck or air and are shipped C.O.D., trophy shipments in the continental USA average approximately $500.00 per client. (Rates subject to change) Your Social Security number is required to ship trophies back into the USA, so please fill in your number on your questionnaire sheet. It may be necessary to split moose, elk and caribou horns to fly them out, but if it is a record head or the client is adamant about not splitting, we will get them out unsplit. If you have any specific health related problems or specific likes or dislikes with regard to meals or hunting please let us know at your earliest convenience, as we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact us if you have any problems with the enclosed forms or if you have any further questions pertaining to your hunt.


  • Signed liability waiver form
  • Questionnaire – completed
  • License and species tag requests along with a cheque for the licenses and tags requested
  • Payment for your bush charter flight
  • Final hunt balance payment on or before July 1st
  • Pertaining to the non-resident hunting license application form, please fill in your personal information, check species you wish to have tags for, sign and return this form to us, we will complete the remainder
What you should keep (to be submitted to Canada Customs upon entry): The Non Resident Firearms Declaration form

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