What to Expect



All hunts are one on one with a guide unless special arrangements have been made. We reserve the right to put two hunters with one guide in the event one guide becomes ill, hurt, quits or is let go. A replacement guide will be brought in as soon as possible.

Sheep Camps

Main sheep camps generally have two hunters with two guides, one cook and one horse wrangler. Occasionally we will put three hunters in one camp if special arrangements are made.

Prime Moose Foothills Camp

In this camp the majority of our hunting is done with All Terrain Vehicles; Honda 4 x 4 bikes and 8 wheel drive Argos.

Elk and Moose Camps

These base camps average from 300 to 800 square miles of hunting area with 2 to 4 hunters per camp. Each hunter has his guide and the camp also has a cook and horse wrangler. In these camps we like to split up and spike camp out as much as possible. Spike camping is done in tents in some of our more remote areas and normally accommodates one hunter and his guide only. Occasionally we will put two hunters with their guides along with a wrangler in a spike camp.


Breakfast is served by 6:00 am in all camps and you can expect to be on the trail by 7:00 am on a normal day. Occasionally there will be late starts primarily due to horse problems. Horses are hobbled and turned loose to forage each night. Periodically the staff will have problems finding them and getting back to camp in time.

Down Time

There is a government ban on hunting for 6 hours after being in an airplane in British Columbia.

There will be no hunting done on change over days, as the crew requires the day for personal chores and rest between hunts. After the client has harvested a trophy, hunting time will be lost, as the guide must retrieve all edible portions of meat and flesh the skull and cape of the trophy. Lost hunting time normally is the best part of a day per trophy.

Company Policy on Archery Hunts

For those who wish to hunt with a bow, dates and payment schedule are the same as those listed on Hunt Type #’s 1 through 5. There will be 10% added to the regular hunt price to help us off-set our extra cost associated with bow hunting.

Company Policy on Treatment of Horses and Crew

Abuse by hunters or crew to horses or fellow employees will not be tolerated.

Company Policy on Wounded Game

If an animal has been wounded it is your guide’s responsibility to determine if the animal has been hit hard enough to die or not. If your guide feels it was no more than a flesh wound and he feels the animals’ life is not in jeopardy, you will be able to continue your hunt for that species. On the other hand if your guide feels that the animal will die due to its wound, the hunt for that species will be called and you would not be able to hunt another of that species. You would be expected to spend at least one day searching for the wounded animal and after that it would be your choice to either continue your search until the end of your hunt or to go off and hunt a different species assuming you have a tag for it.

We are committed to the retrieval of any and all wounded game. Additional support staff will assist you and your guide in the search. Myself or one of my employees will assist with an aircraft both during your search and in the event your search was unsuccessful, afterwards. Our search does not end when you leave; we make a point to return to the location on later hunts and do continue our air search looking for ravens or predators working the kill site.

Everyone looses in the case of a critically wounded animal, especially the animal, so be sure of your shot. Try not to take poor percentage shots, do not shoot if the animal is to far away or in a position a second shot is not probable.

Responsibility of the Hunter

While hunting, keep in mind that very few animals look as big on the ground as they do while standing there looking at you (ground shrinkage). Our guides are very experienced and will be able to give you a rough estimate of the potential trophy\’s size. On rare occasions however, a guide may misjudge the size. Although your guide will do his best to make sure the targeted animal is what you are looking for, and is legal, the final decision is yours and yours alone. Be sure before you pull the trigger. If an illegal animal is shot, it must be reported.

Good luck, straight shooting, and good hunting.

Barry Tompkins

* If you find any of the above mentioned government restrictions or company policies unacceptable, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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