The forms listed below will be included in the information package to be mailed to you by March.
Please contact us if you have any problems with these forms or if you have any further questions pertaining to your hunt.
Forms and payments to be sent to Big Nine Outfitters:

  • Assumption of Risk (Liability Waiver Form) Your signature is mandatory as required by our insurance agent.
  • Big Nine Questionnaire – completed your Social Security number is required to ship trophies back into the USA, so please fill in your number on the questionnaire.
  • Big Nine Request Form for Hunting License and Species Tags – For your convenience we will have your hunting license and species tags awaiting you at camp, unless you have made other arrangements. (See point #5 regarding payment).
  • Non-resident Hunting License Application – This is a government form which will be mailed to you as part of your Information Package. Fill in your personal information, check the species you wish to have tags for, and sign. We will complete the remainder.
  • Payment for hunting license and species tags made out to Big Nine Outfitters. (personal or company check acceptable).
  • Balance of payment due for your hunt, including taxes (personal or company check acceptable).*
  • Payment for your bush charter flight (personal or company check acceptable).*
Form and payment to bring with you:

  • The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form This is a government form which is included in your package or can also be picked up at the Canadian border. Do not sign this document until requested to do so by the Customs Agent. Due to Canadian law, you must register you firearms at Canada Customs upon entry into Canada. Fee: $50 CDN. Note: handguns are not allowed into Canada.
  • A cashiers check made out to yourself or Big Nine Outfitters to pay for additional animals you wish to hunt. This procedure allows either one of us to cash the check, depending on your success. Travelers checks or cash are also acceptable but not personal checks.


* Taxes: Canadian residents must pay 5% GST.
Non-resident hunters pay 2.5% GST.

All hunts to be paid in USD

Hunting British Columbia with Big Nine Outfitters

~ Recognized as one of the best areas in the world for trophy hunting ~

Call Barry Tompkins, President

Cell: (250)787-6747

Mid July to late October Call lodge: (250) 277-9614