Meat Shipments


Transporting large quantities of meat home is possible only if you are driving to/from Fort Nelson. All commercial airlines are refusing to haul meat and the US customs are causing delays which make shipping impossible. However, you are allowed to fly with a small cooler (we offer these for sale in camp) holding 40-50 lbs. of meat. Any meat you choose to leave behind will be utilized for camp, crew and/or donations to charity. Nothing will be wasted.

Meat transportation out of hunting camps to Fort Nelson is not included in the price of your hunt. Villers Air Services flight charges to Fort Nelson: $.40 – .50 per pound. Costs will vary depending upon which camp the meat is being hauled from.

Average Moose: 500 lbs @ $.50 – $250.00
boned out: 350 lbs @ $.50 – $175.00
primed cuts: 250 lbs @ $.50 – $125.00

Average Elk: 400 lbs @ $.50 – $200.00
boned out: 280 lbs @ $.50 – $160.00
prime cuts: 200 lbs @ $.50 – $100.00
For those hunters who wish to take meat home from their hunt please bring an adequate supply of extra large meat bags and cheese cloth as we do not supply these items. The meat bags and cheese cloth will enable your guide to retrieve your meat in much better condition and thus there will be less trimming losses of your meat. Each guide carries a company meat tent for hanging meat up in the field where it is required due to flies. Each camp comes equipped with a meat house. Also our base camp is equipped with a walk-in cooler, freezer for times when meat quality is jeopardized due to unseasonable warm weather. We do carry large plastic coolers for sale for those who require them for meat transportation home.

We reserve the right to use a small portion of your meat for camp purposes if it becomes necessary.

It is recommended that if you plan on taking a little meat home with you that you put your clothing and gear etc. into a couple of 60 – 80 quart coolers when you come. If you elect to bring a couple of coolers for meat transportation be sure to bring a couple of small bags for your gear while hunting and for transportation home. Please note, for packing on horses, you will need 2 or 3 small bags, maximum 36″ x 18″ each, rather than one large bag.

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